Everything You Need to Know About the Minkyti Massage

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Getting a massage should not simply be an in-and-out errand; instead, it should provide a thorough and immersive experience, and that's exactly what the Minkyti Massage achieves. This signature Woodhouse massage offers unique and lasting benefits. Here are all of the details about this one-of-a-kind massage experience.


A Woodhouse Signature Service


The first detail to note about the Minkyti Massage is that it is a Woodhouse Signature Service. Woodhouse is a full-service day spa conveniently located in the historic district of downtown Dublin, just 20 minutes from Columbus, OH. Each service is provided by a professional whose goal is to go above and beyond the traditional massage and offer a unique and therapeutic service. Voted "Best Day Spa" by readers of Columbus Alive for five years in a row, many in the Columbus area trust Woodhouse for this luxurious experience.


The Minkyti Massage Difference


The power of a Minkyti Massage comes not only from the expertise of the professional staff but also from the materials used. First, a warm poultice seaweed mask is applied directly onto the face to nourish and powerfully hydrate even the most worn of skin. Once that is sufficiently worked in, freshly harvested seaweed leaves, which are known for their nutritive properties, are applied atop the mask. This combination is what allows the massage to affect the skin at a deeper level.


The Ultimate Me-Time Experience


Because of its immersive and experiential nature, the Minkyti Massage is the ultimate choice when it comes to restfulness and relaxation. However, it's not simply about shedding the stresses of everyday life. The Minkyti Massage is one of many massage therapy treatments that also has regenerative, oxygenating, and age-defying effects that nourish and hydrate the skin back to its former state. Clients may enjoy the benefits of the experience long after leaving the spa.


After its application, the Minkyti Massage is then finished off with an expertly administered and highly relaxing head, neck, and shoulder massage. The professional staff at The Woodhouse Day Spa provide a careful attention to detail and passion for their work to help make the Minkyti Massage a truly unique experience.

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